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PBGC Blog: Retirement Matters

At PBGC, we need and want your feedback to help us perform our best.

Our website hosts a couple of surveys through which our customers and users of the website can review our service and submit suggestions for improvements.

One of the surveys measures our customers' satisfaction with our website.  A separate survey measures people's perception of PBGC and how well we carry out our mission. 

When you visit, you may receive an invitation to take a survey when you leave the website.  Not everyone who visits the website gets an invitation.  Even if you do get one, you are not obligated to take the survey, and you can't specify which survey you wish to take.

However, these surveys are a great way for you to communicate with us. They do more than ask you pre-set questions. They also allow you to write-in, anonymously, comments about us as well as your own suggestions for ways we can improve our service to you.

And we do pay attention to your comments and suggestions. We have been using them for years to improve the website and other services we provide. Some examples of your comments at work include our recent publication of an active insured plans listour addition of a section for new visitors to the website, and improved visibility for our Contact Us information.

We invite you to join with others who have shared constructive criticism and helpful suggestions with us. Take a moment to share your views. We need your feedback to make sure we are providing the services and information you need.

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