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Projections Report

Multiemployer Program Insolvency Risks Deferred. Graph depicting FY13 Projections, FY14 Pre-MPRA projections, FY14 Reflecting Future Suspensions / Partitions, and FY14 MPRA - Premiums Only

Find out about PBGC's future anticipated financial condition, through our Projections Reports. These reports are required under Title IV of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The Projections Report was formerly called the Exposure Report.

2014 Projections Report

2013 Projections Report (formerly Exposure Report)

2012 Exposure Report

Multiemployer Plans: As shown in this report, recent legislation is expected to postpone the date that PBGC's multiemployer program fund is likely to run out of money and could significantly reduce the magnitude of future program deficits, but it does not fully resolve the issues facing the program and the participants whose benefits it guarantees.

The Pension Insurance Modeling System (PIMS) is the modeling system that PBGC uses to estimate the future of the single-employer and multiemployer PBGC programs. It is also used to model the U.S. private pension system.