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Projections Report

Mutliemployer plans covering almost 1.5 million people are severely underfunded (i.e., <40% funded). Graph depicting a dramatic increase in severely underfunded plans over the past decade (over 40%). In 2001 there were 15 plans with few participants and almost fully funded. By 2010 that had grown to 228 plans covering 1.5 million people. Graph is explained in greater details in the 2013 Projects Report.

Find out about PBGC's future anticipated financial condition, through our Projections Reports. These reports are required under Title IV of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The Projections Report was formerly called the Exposure Report.

2013 Projections Report (formerly Exposure Report)

2012 Exposure Report

Multiemployer Plans: In the past year, economic conditions improved significantly and most plans are projected to remain solvent. However, research over the past year has also made clear that, for some plans, even the improving economy will not be sufficient to maintain their solvency.

The Pension Insurance Modeling System (PIMS) is the modeling system that PBGC uses to estimate the future of the single-employer and multiemployer PBGC programs. It is also used to model the U.S. private pension system.